Pledge Your Support

Our Strategy – “Pledge Now, Pay Later”

Once we hit our pledge target of $360,000, we’ll claim your pledges and launch the court action.

What We Need and When

We need your pledges now, but will claim them later as needed:

1. Initial filing – ~$10,000 in spring 2017

2. First hearing – ~$50,000 in spring/summer 2017

3. First appeal – ~$100,000 in fall 2017

4. Appeal to Supreme Court – ~$100,000 in spring 2018

5. Guarantee to indemnify plaintiffs – ~$100,000 in summer 2018, if needed*

* We believe it is unlikely that the court will impose costs, but we have to cover the risk to our plaintiffs.

Current Pledges:

We’re now at $136,420/$360,000 from 852 supporters as of May 10 (updated regularly)!

Pledge Drive May 6

Making a Pledge

The button below will take you to a form where we will ask you to provide your pledge information.  We will NOT take any payments or financial information at this time, but we will count on your commitment when we launch the challenge.